unpacking + new

over at my house, i have just started to really unpack personal boxes that have been in storage for years... and i'm especially cautious of the many labeled "Jess' Clothes".  it's daunting, embarrassing and overwhelming.  i have SO MUCH stuff from HOLIDAY... from when i first opened in 2002 through today!!!  i need to come up with a good strategy to "let go" of these meaningul pieces.  like tonight i was all, "i wore that Development skirt (by Phillip Lim- before he was PHILLIP LIM 3.1) every day!!!  and that Tracy Reese dress!  I wore that to my opening party at the Ritz!"  (when it was actually the old Ritz).  just a few days ago a customer came in and said, "my mom and i shopped here when i lived in Beacon Hill.  i miss my BELLA BLOOMERS!"  if you're a longtime Holiday gal, you know exactly what those beauties are.  #goodtimes  

and don't even get me started on the original Holiday CAPES with side bows.  EPIC. :)

but to carry on with today's HOLIDAY (it's still awesome, folks) have a look at one item that just arrived.  it's a luxe/casual/must-have in chocolate suede and charcoal knit.  YUM.

not everything needs a ruffle.




from tonight...

"Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second." -Mattie Stepanek



the festive season is sneaking up

so nothing about decorating for the holidays (yet) but a few party-perfect pieces are slowly making their way into the shop.  our private label, Pretty Little Sister, is one of our most popular go-to collections all year round... and this time of year, we get to have a little extra fun with our offerings!  2 new dresses that i'm loving are both festive and effortless... (also 2 of my favorite adjectives). ;)

our Golden Fleck Dress is simple & chic (2 more favorite adjectives) .  throw this one on and you're pretty much done.  (trust me- i JUST wore it for a last minute dinner out with ballet flats, a messy bun and zero jewelry.  i got compliments like mad.  i was like, "really?!  THANKS! it's from my shop.  $128!  imagine?)

and our Madison Shift is another FABULOUS and celebratory option (especially on the go-- it packs like a dream!).  again, i loooooove this carefree shape.  the subtle lurex and sheen are just enough to make this piece more special than your everyday LBD.

both available online and in the shop!  but not for long!  :)

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happy weekend + pre-sale!

our web shop, Souvenir by Holiday, is offering up another fabulous find for pre-sale!  and it's a goooooood one!

meet your new favorite sweater (perfect for Fall week-ending).

the Cotswold Cardigan-- an effortless knit with modern day, fair isle charm...

and under $100!

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latest from Lauren Moffatt...

a beautiful delivery from Lauren Moffatt just arrived (last of the season)!!!  how PERFECT is this black, silk charmeuse dress complete with this gorgeous, ivory ruffle collar?!  a stunning combination of drama and refinement...