Damon recently sent me a "WE NEEEEEED THESE" text regarding Mara Hoffman's current Fall 2014 knits and i promptly replied, "OMG YES!".  everyone loved Hoffman's collection last fall and this season proves to be another exotic and COOL group that we can't wait to get our hands on...

the CAMEL HEAD Sweater Coat (faint)

this Blanket Poncho!!!

what Ange describes (lovingly) as the Mullet Poncho (yes- a chic mullet) and Damon's most FAVE 

and lastly, this beauty...

coming soon!


spring 2015

sorry no post yesterday... i've been in NYC buying for spring 2015!  i'll share my finds soon (some NEW faces!), but in the meantime, here is a peek at a VERY pretty group from Erin Fetherston...

stay tuned!


Happy 13th Birthday, Holiday!

Thank you ALL for 13 PRETTY years!  Holiday loves YOU. 

and cheers to the next 13! 




a darling new addition to our Book Worm-Chic Trunk, featuring "novel-tees & more", that help support children's literary initiatives...

"One evening, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight." Harold creates his world with the help of his trusty purple crayon in this 1955 Crockett Johnson classic. From the first edition cover.


available in store and online!


in the Boston Herald...

what i'm "gilt-y" of falling for in the Herald this week... ;)


To me, Autumn is the most beautiful time of year in New England.  I welcome the first crisp Fall day with open arms. The turning of the leaves from green to red to yellow is not only admired in our own backyards, but also by fashion, accessory and jewelry designers all over. This season plenty of inspiration is richly gleaned from one of nature's most marvelously GOLDEN shows... and not a single one needs raking. 

1.  Alexis Bittar Golden Crystal Embellished Rocky Leaf Cuff Bracelet, $245.
2.  Littledoe Black Antique Silk Cassia Hat, $580.
3.  Love To Watch You Leaf Headband, $25.
4.  Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Leaf Peep-Toe Dress Sandals, $734.
5.  RED Valentino Leaf Brocade Coat, $1,215.
6.  Yochi Leaf Earrings, $45.
7.  Bernard Delettrez Two Fingers Bronze Leafy Ring, $315.
8.  Aurelie Bidermann Leaf Ring, $240.
9.  Joanna Laura Constantine Gold Leaf Ring, $380.
10.  Leaf For The Day Belt, $16.
11.  Uroco Kimono Bamboo Leaf Clutch, $166.
12.  Maple Leaf Paralell Cuff, $115.