Ahoy Holiday!

it's so nice to be back!


La Tour Eiffel: never gets old


the first time i saw the Eiffel Tower i was on a school trip.  i remember being (happily) lost with a few friends when we turned a corner and BAM- there it was.  i wasn't expecting to see it at that moment and was shocked.  i actually started crying (gimme a break, i know) but it was EPIC for me and i'll never forget it. now that i'm an old, grumpy lady;), visiting Paris is still a thrill- but i never think i will want to run to it like i did as a teenager.  BUT YET AGAIN... this trip proved the same as the others.  it stopped me in my tracks, pulled at my heart strings and beckoned me forward.  i was seduced once more.  i guess it just never gets old.  

(some grainy pics via my phone)


at the (almost) top.  in Lauren Moffatt, naturally.



Hello & back to (BLUE) biz!

hello all!  i've had and wonderful trip and will share some photos shortly but first i need to get BACK TO BIZ (even though i can barely see straight).  i'm really excited to share a peek of a few summer-lovin' pieces that will be in the shop soon.  we are amping up our private label "PRETTY LITTLE SISTER" this sun season- and the collection is looking perfect for the upcoming months of fun (or relaxing) days and nights.  Pretty Little Sister is easy, affordable and generally guilt-free when it comes to treating yourself.  EXACTLY how i want to shop during this time of year.  the first group shares my love of BLUE...

i just know we'll re-order this piece again and again.  it's classic (actually reminds me of a simple & chic number from the '70's), smart and ready for day or night.  SUCH a blank canvas for accessories (which you know we have in spades).


i am obsessed with this feminine, China-blue color and romantic print!  so light and airy- i can't wait to wear it EVERYWHERE.  (would have been perfect for flitting about paris!)

and lastly, this one satisfies my undying devotion to stripes.  everything about this reminds of a good old fashioned summer (in fact it makes me dream of awnings in this color on a crisp white beach house).  add some green green grass (and an ice-clinking gin and tonic) and i'm pretty much set. 

so much more coming from Pretty Little Sister (not kidding- i may need to open another shop to fit it all).  ;)



while i am away the blog will be quiet- but the shop will be open for action, per usual!  i will try and share photos along the way via instagram (@jessikaholiday)!  until then, i'm leaving you with these two fabulous old, Holiday covers.  i need these for my collection...

see you soon!


in the Boston Herald today: Ready for Departure

actually i am not ready for departure.  at all.  i have a million things to do before i jet off tomorrow night.  luckily my renewed passport got here just in time.  in the Herald this week i shared a few of my plane travel essentials (note those white linen pants down there- Holiday has some fab ones!)  and yes.  i really am only packing one carry-on bag! :)

This week I head across the pond for some work and play in Paris, London & Devon!  I love to travel, but I'm a nervous flyer.  To make my journey as painless as possible I rely on a few basics.   A comfortable (but still stylish) outfit is key.  I'll be boarding the plane in white linen pants (note the drawstring) and a classic chambray shirt with breathable canvas espadrilles on my feet.  A cozy cashmere wrap, pillow and eye mask is also essential- especially for night flights.  I dislike checking my bags so I have to pack light... one carry-on is all i get!   I'm addicted to Burt's Bees for dry lips and Evian's water spray for my face (though once mine was confiscated at security- may have to reconsider this time).  Lastly a good pair of headphones keeps me from hearing all those engine growls (and chatty folks).  Other than a glass of wine (ok- maybe 2) and copious amounts of water... I'm ready for departure!