Today is the DAY!



west coast to east coast. Seaton is coming to Holiday!

i've always been a fan of the Jill Roberts boutiques in Los Angeles.  when Holiday had a brief life there we shared the same block with them on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.  i've also always LOVED Seaton, the beachy-chic cashmere collection that Roberts designs.  i'm very excited to welcome Holiday's first Seaton cashmere delivery this month and Resort shipping in late Novemeber!  in the meantime- here is a little bio on this classic west coast collection that will look just as spiffy on us east coasters, too!



Imagine if a single cashmere sweater or favorite silk dress could instantly transport you to another place and time, anytime. That is the essence of Seaton, a collection that marries style with state of mind. 

Since the fall of 2005, Seaton has made luxurious and classically beautiful staples for every woman's wardrobe. Over the past five years, it has soared in the resort and swim markets and is best known for its colorful assortment of indulgent cashmere sweaters and wraps, ultra soft vintage t-shirts and vibrant silk dresses. 

The collection is designed by Jill Roberts who has extensive experience in the fashion business as both a buyer and a boutique owner (Her namesake stores are located in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.) Recently, Sarah Emanuel joined Seaton as a partner. Sarah has been an admirer and believer of Seaton since its inception. Both women share similar lifestyles, each raising three sons in Southern California. Seaton is a testament to their love of the outdoors, and their neverending search to find the perfect beach. 

This pursuit that has led them to exotic locations around the world is ever-inspiring Seaton’s designs. Seaton’s fashion philosophy is one that blends Jill and Sarah’s comfortable, easy sun-faded style with simple, European chic resulting in a collection that offers the best of many fashion worlds and can be worn on the beach or bustling city street. Each season they choose another dreamy location-be it St. Tropez, Bali, Carmel, or Malibu to inspire the collections palette, prints, and overall aesthetic. Seaton is available at top retailers nationwide including Bergdorf Goodman, Calypso, Jill Roberts, and Bloomingdales and others. Celebrity fans include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, Claudia Schiffer and many more.



in the PALE pink

so i just had a birthday and i did not ask for a thing other than a lifetime supply of kitchen sponges (which i got).  thank you, ange.   however it's always fun to make a pretend wish/lust list.   it all started when i found and flipped for item #2.  AMAZING.   pale pink is always so pleasing to me and you might be surprised that this shade is also available in nature on a favorite OCTOBER item (you'll see at the bottom!)



pale pink pumpkins!!!  who knew?



the yummiest

we've all been waiting for the MOST DELICIOUS shipment of our coveted Park Hill candles!  (think waiting list!) they are finally here and the shop smells like we've been baking pumpkin pie in the back room.  4 seasonal scents to choose from!  come and get em!


2 more days!