wouldn't it be cool?

i have a problem with collecting old, small paper goods.  i know- bizarre.  BUT- my ultimate goal is to "do something" with these treasures.  lately i've been drooling over these vintage postcards from Tokyo that feature almost neon cherry blossoms and people.  i want to somehow enlarge one to cover an entire wall.  (i want to do the same thing with an old music sheet of a song i love).   if i ever achieve this- i will feel MOST snazzy.






the best kitchen ever

resides within the dreamy, House of Windsor concept home in Los Angeles.  and Gwenyth Paltrow just bought it.  all of it.  do you remember these images from Veranda mag i posted last year?!  i have never forgotten them.  

 i'd be happy with just ONE of those chairs.  just one.


i still think about the serene entry


and this office was plastered all over the web


basically the entire place is sickeningly fab (those ball gown-y curtains!!!)




great echo space for a coldplay rehearsal?






lac rose: float on

 lake retba, senegal = salty pink wonderment.









happy weekend rain dance

bring it on & cool us off!


capiz, please

i love how beachy and glamorous a capiz chandelier is.  i once hung 2 on top of one another over a small round dining table in an apartment- and was delighted with the effect.  when it came time to leave, the gal moving in asked to purchase them from me- and i said yes.  sigh... i still think about the dreamy, pearly light that they cast.  this go around- i may try a d.i.y. version.  some ispiration below...