the Sydney is back- ONE MORE TIME!

one of our best sellers of the season is back ONE MORE TIME and EXCLUSIVE to Holiday!  designer Christian Francis Roth of the beloved label FRANCIS has re-cut the sassy Sydney just for us.  

let me tell you why this dress ROCKS...

1.  it's beyond flattering.  the geometric pattern hides a multitude of stuff we all complain about.  and if you don't have curves and want them- the circular motif and movement of the dress helps fake them

2.  comfort level is a 10.  i wore this to a looooong meeting one afternoon and then to a looooooong dinner on the same looooooong day and i never once felt like i wanted to scream.  (i almost fell asleep in it).

3.  doesn't wrinkle.  ever.  so if you do fall asleep in it- you will wake up looking amazing.

4. it's a multi-season piece.  i'm wearing this thing whenever i want.  in the fall i'll pair with a navy blazer.


5.  it's by FRANCIS- and he's our new FAVE.



bouncin' ideas 

lately i've been sitting down and making time to pull together ideas for Holiday's interior make-over come August.  since i can't draw, seeking out images is the next best thing to honing in on that look and FEEL i am after.  ange and i have been bouncing ideas back and forth and we both want to "chic up" the space and infuse it with more sophisticated elements.  while Holiday will always embody a playful and "aaaaah cuuuute" quality- let's face it...  i'm sick of the pink chandelier wallpaper in the fitting rooms and some of our light fixtures, etc.  not that i want to give away our future surprise reveal,  but it's fun to share the process a little bit.  and again- all this is purely inspirational and in the end- who knows what we'll come up with.  one thing i do know - we'll keep this re-do creative-cheap!

i recently came across this pic i took while drooling in the Louvre. (do check out the guy and his awesome expression back there)

who doesn't love Degas and his dancer?  that skirt and that silk ribbon combined with the bronze, etc, etc. etc. make for a feminine, strong (and darn pretty) statement.  


and here is my latest judy moody board.  (perhaps we'll use/print these digital compilations as a real live giant mood board at the shop.)  love that vintage pink map of paris that works as a suggestive symbol of the city of s-t-y-l-e (rather than Eiffel imagery), that kick ASS bronze chandelier, tulle of course, and black and white moments.  not too far off from what Holiday looks like today- just a little less shabby- and a little more chic.


that's what i got for today!

  • Go Baroque Mirror Wallpaper
  • st
  • Map Of Paris I
  • a
  • a
  • West Elm Zebra Cowhide Rug, Black/White
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • Raul Jauret Chandelier
  • 1
  • 1



back in stripes

Holiday has a boat load of stripes on the shelves right now.  this always classic, can-never-go-wrong, seasonless staple is forever a style star.  and because i love them so, mention the blog to receive 20% off any stripe in the shop today and tomorrow!

 style star in a style star...





one thing...

...i really miss about living in concord is our wild flower garden that we planted when we first bought the house.  luckily- we have a lovely family renting from us AND they kindly send us a pic now and then of what is sprouting up...


one of the best things is that they call this our "meadow".  they're British- so everything sounds more romantic.  i have to say it makes me happy to know someone is enjoying our modest attempt at a "meadow". 



so my chill beach get-away never happened.  it's prob for the best because i caught (ate?) something nasty (stuffed sole from whole foods that i served thursday night?) and was under the weather (hurling) or to make it sound nicer, to hurl in french is: vomi.   therefore i was also horizontal (when i wasn't vomissement-ing) almost all weekend.  sigh.  

but let's just pretend we were actually HERE...

take   A   L   L    the time you need.  (ugh.  monday is upon us.)


or here...  in Gwenyth Paltrow's dining room in her Hampton's home.  

another S I G H.

but i have to say i love the simple and pretty styling of this table with pale pink glasses and plates, silver and crystal, sea glass colored vases, white napkins & fluffy hydrangeas.  we can do this, people!

but that light fixture? i don't think i know how to d.i.y.

it is T.D.F. (to die for)

and i just might.