like candy...

confection-like jewels are all over the shop right now.  and we've got so much more en route...

i love these flower pieces.  in fact, Holiday has carried the bracelets, necklaces and rings for YEARS.  but have you noticed J. Crew (figures) has also gotten into the act (almost identical) this season?  they have done a nice job- but OURS are waaaaaay sweeter in the price department.

a single ring is the perfect garden party accessory

i also adore these bracelets in enamel.  stack 'em up.  (many more delicious colors at the shop).

adorable sailor knot rings

reminds me of rock candy.  these bold ones look great on your pointer finger

100% yum & 100% good for you.



J Brand's new BROOKE

Holiday just got in J Brand's new Brooke jean in Waltz (a.k.a. perfect color blue).  i have to say i normally don't love jeans on me.  i wish i did... but with that being said-  this particular style and weight of denim (beyond comfy), is when i change my mind.  the slight boot cut is super flattering to the leg and the "hand" (they feel amazing on) is to die for.  trust me.

in fact, i'm so excited to get these in my closet that i've put together a classic look i can't wait to sport (when it's not 1 million degrees out).  also can't wait for my new $35 (men's) tee to arrive.  cute, right?




they're gonna fly- so get them while (it's) and they are HOT.  (cuz- no one in their right mind is wearing jeans today).  


in the Boston Herald today: Salty, Sandy, Happy

in the Boston Herald today... a few cooool things on my radar for this hot, hot week.

The beach tends to bring out the kid in me.  Coming home after a carefree day by the ocean with sand in my hair and tasting of salt water is a summertime luxury I cherish.  Because I'm always trying to keep that "fresh from the shore" feeling,  I rounded up a few fabulous looking beach-y items to make that salty, sandy happiness linger just a bit longer...

 1.  I've been seeing this charmingly packaged soap everywhere.  Is it wrong that I want to purchase just for that old fashion logo?

2.  I'm quite impressed by this vintage beach photo pillow.  The soothing colors and relaxed scene beckon sweet, summer naps.

3.  DYING to try this texturizing spray.  Two words:  BEACH HAIR!

4.  These cotton towels are my jam.  They are lightweight, super absorbant and make a chic sarong.

5.  Obsessed with everything by Lemlem.  In fact I hope to carry the collection at my shop, Holiday, very soon.

6.  I've resisted decorative phone cases for far too long.

7.  Even Tory Burch is getting in on the iPhone accessory action.

8.  Nautical flag banners (especially on rope) add a festive element to a summer party or a children's bedroom.  If crafting your own is not your thing, this handsome one at $29 won't break the bank.


pool, please

i woke up this morning with a mad desire to be near a pool.  it's incredibly steamy here in NYC- and even with Central Park across the street and ac in my apartment, i'm feeling cooped up and cranky.  and because getting out of NYC on the weekends is the biggest pain ever (one of the many reasons i love Boston) i'm thisclose to booking a "staycation" at the Empire Hotel (good rates right now and pet friendly) just so i can have access to their refreshing rooftop pool.  in fact- if you are planning a trip to the big city this summer and want your own cabana- look this place up. it may not be as happening as say the Gansevoort pool- but i've always feared this to be a "party pool" (and that just grosses me out).

perhaps the best pool i have ever seen is Slim Aaron's iconic 1960's shot of the Pendeltons in Beverly Hills.  i mean- just look at those umbrellas.  

pretty perfect, no?


today's daydream...

 ...started with this image

 and then i kept going