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20% off new SPRING!

take advantage of our flash sale!  it ends tonight.  one of my favorite pieces (that is sure to be a re-order) is in!  the Ginny Polo Wrap Dress by Francis!!!  so cute.  so e-a-s-y.  and trust me- it's super flattering!



in the Boston Herald...

i really and truly need some vitamin D soon- so i whipped up a fantasy trip (and a fantasy packing list) for the Boston Herald this week...


1.  An incredibly stylish one-piece.  Mara Hoffman ALWAYS turns out the BEST swimwear. This "Pow Wow" printed plunge suit is no exception., $275.
2.  LemLem is a collection on my radar.  I'm in love with all of their breezy pieces this Spring.  The "Dehna" striped cotton-blend voile dress is perfect for lounging!,   $245.
3.  A big hat is a must and this one by Missoni would look fabulous with my chosen suit & cover-up., $275.
4.  I've been dying to get my hands on a copy of Grace Coddington's memoir.  No Kindle for me- I love actual pages to flip through (by a pool- preferably)., $35.
5.  Almost as good as the real thing, Creed's Virgin Island Water, is heaven-scent ;),  $95.
6.  I'm a big fan of Lavanila with 30 spf.  It's luxury for your lips.,  $16.
7.  I am LOVING Isabel Marant's jewelry for Spring- especially this island-y, wide multi-bead bracelet., $186.
8.  An "IT" shoe collection that keeps geting my attention is Ancient Greek Sandals., $175.
9.  Sunnies with a hint of a cat eye- especially these by House of Harlow- always look stylish., $88.
10.  Last but not least is a great beach bag.  This ikat & straw tote by Prymal is eco-fashion friendly and handwoven.  Done., $110.




i can't draw & i can't paint- i have nice cursive and that is about IT!   i recently visited an artist friend's studio here in NYC and fell head over heels for it ALL.  the paint splattered floor, the miles of rolled up canvas and her eagerness to try and succeed as a working artist.  Nikolina Kovalenko is super talented (tons of school) and has an inspiring story (i'll link at the end)- and, GET THIS, she's coming to my apartment once a week to give me a 2 hour lesson.  lesson number 1 happened yesterday.  we started with the APPLE.  and it was terrifying.  just learning to "look" at an apple is going to take me forever- let alone transfer it from pencil to paper.  she was very patient.

but it all got me to dreaming about that raw, beautiful and (most likely) FRUSTRATING space that artists make their work in.  here are a few very cool, old black & whites of some serious creators you may recognize...










 one of my favorite pieces by Nikolina can be seen in my apartment in Lonny magazine this month.  it's a Japanese still life that i find absolutely gorgeous.  she was thinking about Fukushima and all the damaged ocean flora and fauna.  sad, yes.  but so stunning.


here is a detail i love...


another amazing, extra large piece (she's holding it up here in her studio) will be on show in Chelsea next month (can't remember exactly which gallery- but i'm attending and will let you know).  HOW does one do this?!  me trying to shadow my apple was a joke.


the talented & gorgeous gal.  my art teacher ;) & friend, Nikolina...


as for my future as an artist?  um.  not so much.  my step 101 supplies here when i was feeling all confident...


and here we are mid-lesson (i'm completely overwhelmed at this point) and then she told me i couldn't use my eye liner sharpener for my drawing pencils.  (sigh) i need to get a special knife.  so i watched her do it...


and my apple?  it looks pretty darn good!  (because she fixed most of it for me).  my original version looked, well, hairy.  

for all things Nikolina Kovalenko HERE!


go on!  look!


i know it's only january- but i am ready for a little sun, or at least a i-know-the-sun-will-come-soon treat!  we're trying to brighten things up TODAY & TOMORROW with 20% off any new Spring piece in the shop!

come on in & have a look!  it's always sunny at Holiday.  ;)