black and white and graphic

i wish i could tell you that i will be in the throws of some awesome decorating project this weekend like wall papering, painting and being really dramatic & cool creating a graphic black and white space-- but alas, i'm not.  however, if i were-- i'd love to hijack this...  


i'm also crushing on these charming wallpaper options.  seriously darling...


notice the SOAP


i half love this.  half.  maybe for a closet.  maybe.   actually- i'm kind of over it.  but it's a cute example of a girly, graphic black and white.  ok fine.  i really do NOT like this paper at all.  i would never buy it.  i don't even know why i'm showing this.


but this next one i still love.  i've almost purchased it a million times.  it's been around forever and continues to attract me.  simple, classic and crisp.


kate spade and cute.  (that should be a proper adjective).   i remember Barney's in boston did something similar in their fitting rooms.


can never go wrong with stripes.  especially paired with curious portraits (and upholstered poof?? above a toilet)?  still looks grand to me.


another great way to achieve the look is a gallery wall of black and white prints- always a statement (that you can SWITCH around).  this shelving system would so cater to my need to constantly tweak (and shop)... 



or how about some DRAMATIC drapes 


black window treatments that don't make you scared?  i die.


AND THIS is total drama in a textural/shiny/sexy circa 90's ralph lauren way.  i'm a fan of that velvet sofa and the sconces on the bookshelves.


this next room is the opposite of the above- but still achieves b&w graphic style in a FRESH and YOUNG way...



perhaps the best thing about a black and white base?  a pop of ANY other color is (generally) a fist pumping home run.  i'd choose (duh) PINK.




i have a good friend who is about to tie the knot.  actually they are both good friends.  he is English and she is Australian both living in the states.  i met him before i got to know/love her.  mark and i will both be attending their special day (she's not even using the word "wedding") which will be an incredibly small, casual & intimate affair at their home in vermont (posted pics of their beautiful property a while back).  she has asked me to help her with a few details so i thought i'd start the inspiration ball rolling here.  in her words "am thinking English afternoon tea party theme" and she wants some peacock feathers thrown in...  LOVE IT!



















instagram GLAM

experimental fashion photographer and SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight produced some pretty darn PRETTY images for a first ever fashion shoot using INSTAGRAM.  my fave?   this one...

also- if you're a DAPHNE GUINESS fan- check out Knight's  SHOWstudio   for today's feature on Guinness' "unique take on Fashion Fetish in a haunting film".  it's um, yet again, experimental. 


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