...are finally available for purchase all over town.  they are perhaps my most favorite flower.  i have two different shades of pink in my apartment right now.  a few days ago they were in a tight, little petal fist (still pretty), but now they are OPEN and their big, beautiful, fluffy heads are tumbling over the vases.  mother nature must really, really LOVE us.








the winner is...



congratualtions, VANESSA (such a pretty name, btw) YOU ARE THE WINNER!  we will contact you via email!  

as always thank YOU ALL for chiming in!  it makes me feel like such a lucky girl to hear your comments (even if i have to bribe you) ;)




effortless, layered, personal

 3 great words when it comes dressing, decorating and basically BEING.  this idea is not about achieving PERFECTION or a style that screams "i have a professional in my back pocket for everything".  huge high-five for that because i have a hella lot of imperfection going on (and rarely a professional in my back pocket).  some of the most inspiring people, places or things have some kind of seasoned patina that makes them/it so attractive.  in simple, superficial terms- it's like throwing on something comfortable and uncomplicated and still looking impossibly chic- or a home that feels lived in and collected over time, and most importantly, PERSONAL.  2 great examples:

 i'm imagining she just threw that sweater and hat on at the last minute


 i'm intrigued by the mix of elements here and the fact that i doesn't feel like it happened in a day.


some of my all time favorite and cherished items were found dusty with a few intriguing character flaws.  stumbling upon something beautiful and original is simply THE BEST for me.  we are heading to upstate NY this weekend where i will hopefully spend hours in and out of antique and curiosity shops (sorry mark).  even if my mattress was stuffed with hundred dollar bills- i prefer this type of outing to a day at Bergdorf's.  (okay- maybe that was a lie).



i just found these pretty, pretty hammered gold cuffs with rough stones and thought of you!  they also made me think of my Mom.  what a great Mother's Day treat.  over the next couple of weeks, i'll offer a few "For Mom" items for y'all to WIN and give (OR KEEP!)

 just pick your favorite and leave a comment!  this is a quick give-away so get going!  i'll announce the winner tomorrow evening!



i honestly love them both.  would be so lovely stacked!  if you are not the winner, we'll still have them in the shop next week!


jules reid 

i'm off to see samples for Jules Reid today and i really hope i LOVE them- because i'm itching to have the collection in the store.  remember how i was crushing on these?  i can't wait to try one on.  

the "Beatrice" (comes short, too)

the "John John".  don't you LOVE this?


i will report back later!