to do.  today.




shop shots

still loving instagram and i will love it even more when my new iPhone arrives.  i've FINALLY upgraded.  in the meantime, here are some fuzzy Holla-day pics i took last week via my iPad.


in the window.  i layered a Holiday's own lace dress with a sequin tank.  i want to layer everything with it now.  and those two animal print dresses are E-A-S-Y and are perfect now and later pieces.  tres affordable at under 100 bucks, too. 


our mascot.  everyone wants to buy her.


rad jewels


butterfly detail on a FAB Fetherston dress


pile of cocktail rings


pink sofette that is about to get a re-cover


the sweetest earrings displayed on a vintage tennis racket


behind the desk


a lamp that we are getting rid of.  we have a pair.  anyone want to buy?




roses for harry (and Holiday)

ange and i have committed (almost) to the fact that we want some big ass, whimsical rose wallpaper for Holiday's fitting room area.  my immediate inspiration image is a favorite childhood book "No Roses for Harry"- just in pinks and reds.  don't you love this guy's sweater? 


more moments that are getting us closer to pulling the trigger.  i promise it will look AMAZING...

this is vintage and french.  awesome combo, no?


love the poppiness of this against the white


i didn't like this one close up- but am loving the distance shot


also comes in this color-way- but i think it's a little too pink/green/Lilly for us



i would DIE to use this- but the colors are not Holiday.  i will keep in my folder for a future house project


love how classic/feminine and modern this feels


i am totally digging how dense this next one is- but ange got a litte scared


more pretty florals







one thing for sure is that we will mix some florals, stripes and a little animal print (all while staying true and maintaining a charming, old fashion slant to why we all love Holiday's look).  she's just growing up a little- (10 years coming soon!!!)  

trust us? :)


listening to lately

sweden's Lykke Li.  she's been on repeat around here... 











especially Youth Novels.  good atmoshpheric POP.



it's coming...

i've been in BOSTON most of this week and have loved it.   it really is such a pretty city.   being at the shop was especially refreshing- and the new fall merchandise is looking AMAZING.   today had the tiniest hint of fall in the air and i started to get excited for cooler temperatures, cashmere and LOEFFLER RANDALL boots.  here's what is swirling in my head. ( i'll need those italian driving gloves for that ridiculous Hermes bike).  dream big, right?

happy happy weekend!