in the Boston Herald today: birkenstocks- they're back.

i've been noticing them.  have you?  my shocking fashion news in the Boston Herald today ;)

Not kidding.  Birkenstocks are having a fashion moment.  If you take a cue from fashion editors, runways, celebrities (Heidi Klum, Naomi Watts and Ashley Olsen were just photographed in them) and stylish folk all over New York and Los Angeles, you'll see that the German classic, crunchy, comfy, (ugly) shoe is now considered chic.  I've never owned a pair, but I have to tell you this trend is tempting--especially because I do so much city walking.  If you're game for "summer of the 'stock", and don't want to dust off your old pair from the 90's, there are several new styles available.  And don't be suprised when Fall/Winter hits the shelves.  Birken-boots are on the horizon, too.  Who knew?


just popping up

for a quick hello

how sweet is this little guy/gal?  entitled "Hello there Giraffe" by Etsy photographer Lori H.


MERMAID. we believe...

...that we may have found a contender for a new shop candle.  we love the packaging, we love the name, we love that it's 100% chemical free vegetable soy wax,  and we really love that it's ORANGE BLOSSOM scented.

lucky me- i get to order a trial version to "test it out" before we commit.  will keep you posted.


we're back (with flowers in hand)

we so MISSED YOU on saturday and sunday that we brought you back some flowers from our weekend...



happy weekend + news

greetings!  Holiday will be open all day today (come visit us!) but will be closed tomorrow (saturday) and sunday for a very special event.  (i promise to share all the details in the future!!!)  so sorry for any inconvenience.  we'll resume normal business hours on monday.

AND!  our first FALL shipment of LAUREN MOFFATT has arrived.  we're pretty excited about this, too.

hope to see you today and have a fantastic weekend!