a SPRING welcome

the weekend here in new england finally felt like spring.  i celebrated easter with family in massachusetts on saturday and then friends in connecticut on sunday.  both were perfect in their own way- but yesterday's table was exceptionally beautiful.  but that is what happens when it's eddie ross' home- who is now the East Coast Editor/Producer for Better Homes & Gardens Magazine and a "hoarder of beautiful things".  here is how he whipped up an eatser table in his new house in the country.   


how utterly sweet are these plates and EVERYTHING on them?


a little surprise inside, too.



Happy Weekend 

hope you all have a wonderful time!


in the Boston Herald today...

as long as it is not snow- i'm cool with it. i put together some rain gear goodies for the Boston Herald this week.  (i'm seriously in love with that gorgeous white Tiffany umbrella stand in the fashionista set!!!)

The approach of April means plenty of showers in the forecast (and hopefully the end of snow)!  Preparing for these wet days ahead is normally not a fun task.  Many of us would rather skip April and glide right on into May.  So in an effort to prep us for puddles, I've put together four fashion-y scenarios that might have us looking on the brighter side of New England weather... and might even make one happily anticipate a downpour.  Maybe?  From the practical to the phenomenal; there is a coat, a boot, an umbrella (and a stylish place to put it!) out there for you.  My picks below to inspire some good, old (yep- I'm going to say it) singing in the rain!





get your butt in here! ;)

we're all good at multi-tasking here at Holiday.  my sister, ange, is especially skilled at it.  she has many roles, and being a clever email crafter is one of them.  i say clever because this involves writing code and using photoshop with her eyes closed.  i also say clever because she has a sense of humor many of you have come to love... 


get your J Brands!

we went a bit nuts in the J Brand department for early spring.  we've got a ga-zillion styles in a ga-zillion sizes.  now we know we aren't known as a go-to-boutique for basics & denim... but we want you to know we also love to dress down.  stylishly.

so to help us move and shake these truly fantastic pieces (the most simple & chic denim line ever) we are offering blog readers, facebook fans & twitter peeps 30% off ONE pair thru friday.  

yes.  like i said- NUTS.  who does this? ;)

here is just a tiny sampling...

tell your friends.  tell your neighbors.  and just mention the SALE!

*all sales final here.  does not apply to special orders.