gosh- i love new england!  i keep saying this- but i can't wait to be back for good.  i sooo enjoyed being there last week... gorgeous old homes, great antiquing (those vintage butterfly nets for Holiday's window!), charming barns, time with my sister (check out her potential wedding dress- it's vintage-incredible), petal walks in my new favorite Target pajamas with rubes, decor shopping (did i tell you i was hired to decorate an apartment here in nyc?!), lilacs for days (these are from ange's yard), some badminton with my niece, and lastly... i finally got around to making my own tassel garland.  think it will be grand in the shop!  i'll do a tutorial here in the next few days...




who knew that this little girl would grow up to be the best MOM in the world?! 

Happy Mother's Day!



i pulled over on the side of the road to bring you this giant pink balloon.  happy happy weekend!



just horsing around

being out of NYC is so darn refreshing!  a few days ago i spent some time at a favorite horse farm in Concord.  i ALWAYS find inspiration here- so much so that my head starts vibrating and my heart starts pounding.  i swear, if i don't have children- i'm getting a horse. :)

if you follow me on instagram (@jessikaholiday) you will have already met my beautiful friend, Kiss.  (i can't even stand it!)  those EYES!


another beauty.  (this pic makes me want to BE a horse).  how PEACEFUL.


and live in that barn...


speaking of barns... i am desperate for one of those, too.  this classic is just a few miles from my parents' house...  can't you just smell the country air?!


so like any good crazy-horse-lady, i've accumulated plenty of decorative equestrian paraphernalia... much is scattered about my apartment.  i think Holiday will do a big, old horsey shop window in the near future- many of these items may make their way to Charles Street...

old books & vintage ribbons


bar cart towels


salvaged heads.  this was a Christmas gift.  it lives in my kitchen.


on the wall


like REALLY on the wall.  i have a collection of vintage horse PAINT-BY-NUMBERS...


see- i'm nuts...


letter opener.  naturally.

and it goes on & on...

if you are also horse obsessed, ETSY has several (114,283 actually) treats for offer.  i fell for these 3 below...

this ring- i'd love for my pinky!

i need this bottle opener.  stat!

vintage bar ware- always so gooooood!


but of course nothing compares to this...


or THIS!

one day?


in the Boston Herald today...

as much as i LOVE the independent designers that i carry at my shop, i also take great pleasure in a stylish bargain- especially when it comes to casual "play" clothes.  have a look at my frugal fashion finds in the Boston Herald today...

Getting ready for summer fun often involves a wardrobe tweak.  Tossing out last year's worn down flip flops, chocolate ice-cream stained tees (if you're me) and beat-in beach bag is all par for the course.  But spending a ton of money on "play" clothes is hardly necessary.  I put together a casual, super cute look that is gently priced and easily accessible.  Cheap never looked so cheerful--so get out there and play!

Dress:  A chambray shirt dress is classic!  This cotton staple can be accessorized in so many ways.  Get creative with this one--anything goes!  Target $34.99

Bag:  I'm obsessed with pom pom trims these days.  This natural woven tote in hot pink will charm up the most simple of outfits.  Old Navy $34.95

Shoes:  I love espadrilles this time of year and these leopard print ones (with orange trim!) are calling my name...  hopefully yours, too!  Gap  $29.95