Miansai Cool

i normally don't love jewelry on men... but when mark and i were in st barth we spotted these vintage, beachy looking, handmade bracelets by Miansai and i suggested he try one on.  i was SHOCKED when mark actually bought one and even more shocked that i actually liked it on him.  i think they are cool enough for guy or gal. and because he hasn't worn his since the trip?  it's now MINE-- yippee!.


the rope and brass anchor ones are my favorite


mark got this one 

the leather variety



old-school rope

naturally J.crew is carrying these now.  you can also find at



Happy Birthday SCOTT!

Holiday is so lucky to have the help of "weekend-wicked-stylish" SCOTT!  and today is his BIRTHDAY!  not only is he a heck of a merchandiser and a talented, professional graphic designer-- the guy is one of the funniest people i know.  he loves Erin Fetherston as much as i do-- so i lost my sh*t when he randomly sent me this...

the many faces of Scott in Fetherston's entire spring 2012 collection!

 (let's all pause and look at the HIGH-larity!)

and to make this ridiculous-ness even BETTER???

my sis ANGE got her hands on the photo and did this.  can you find that little blondie in the middle?

HA!  i die.



your Holiday girls

p.s. amazing legs


let it rain

i just got caught in a downpour sans ANY rain gear on.  as i splashed (more like squished) down the sidewalk in a baseball hat and those neon kicks, i realized i should prob up the cute factor for foul weather.  especially if i am always running around on foot.  i love my Hunters and a classic Burberry trench-- the only problem?  so does everyone else and it's a uniform of sorts.  (can get a little b.o.r.i.n.g.)

i just put together a cute, wet weather look that is stylish, feminine and dry (wait.  that sounded like a maxi pad commercial)  ANYWAY- i love the idea of a scarf turban in place of a hat.  i'm also a fan of the pretty ruffle detail on the umbrella and slick (plastic) leopard pouch!  even the mascara is waterproof.



Home Should Make You Happy


have you guys seen this yet?  i just got my hands on the special edition of domino "quick fixes" and read it lightening fast.  i have to admit i was slightly disappointed as i swear i've used half the "quick fixes" they offer or remember them like the back of my hand from older issues- but it was a nice walk down memory lane nonetheless.  however, if you have never read DOMINO (so wish it were still in print) and are a wanna-be-decorator like me, you'll LOVE it.  it's a pricey manifesto version at $10.99.  while at the news stand i shoved (snuck) it on top of mark's newspaper purchase for him to buy.  after he gasped,  "that magazine was 11 bucks?!?"  YEP- but it should kick around for a while as a fun, budget-friendly, decor/design reference.  


beach chic (for WAY less $)


I'm addicted to colorful, beachy tunics hanging in my closet this year.  And i've been wearing one almost everyday.  Holiday is delighted to be carrying Jules Reid and Sheridan French which completely fulfill my daydreams to live by the ocean.  The only problem is that they are PRICEY (but totally gorg).  I am very excited to have found an alternative for all of us who don't want to drop a ton of cash- but still want to achieve this chic and breezy look.  

Enter Barbara Gerwit.  After spotting the line and buying one from Sherman Pickey (super cute boutique) in D.C. -- i ran home and contacted Barbara's wholesale division.  Holiday just received our first shipment!!!  These daytime beauties all hover around a hundred bucks and will surely become a staple at the shop.

Some classic examples of Barbara Gerwit tunics (photos courtesy of c. orrico).  i love the fresh starfish background.




JUST ADD SAND and i'm done.

pop into Holiday to see our new five Gerwit styles.  mention the blog to receive 20% off your favorite one today and tomorrow!