new in: Eva Franco!


one of the reasons we love Eva Franco is because she embraces the female form.  she celebrates curves and accentuates all the right stuff.  her collection is also 100% american made and has such a wide range of styles.  here are 3 new pieces in the shop- all completely unique from one another!

perhaps my favorite... i adore this neckline and pretty little sleeve.  the fabric is also incredibly textural but still soft feeling.  and the color is so darn chic!

even though i'm on the shorter side- i love wearing long dresses in the spring and summer.  i'm a big fan of how floaty and feminine this feels.  AND it's super bra friendly.  thank you, eva.

lastly is this pretty & prim (but not too prim) above the knee piece that could easily go to lunch or to a summer wedding.  i love the gorgeous tiffany-blue on the brunette model... but this color will be equally stunning on all you blue-eyed blondies. ;)

soooo much more to come!


sunday, stripes, spots, spring

i'm crazy for fresh flowers in my home- especially when spring is peeking around the corner.  even though i rarely buy from fancy places- flowers are admittedly something that i splurge on.  tonight i stocked back up and thought i'd share a quick and colorful post.

the impetus is always when this happens- which was today.  

 a welcome new beginning on the kitchen counter


for my bedside.  waking up to fresh flowers HAS to be good for you.  these are in a tea cup.


stripes and roses.  and btw- if you visit me on a lazy weekend day, i will be in this shirt.  (that was a lie- i am ALWAYS in this shirt).  every other instagram "selfie" (that word turns my stomach) i am in this shirt.


as much as i can't get enough stripes, i'm also newly keen on dots.  so some poppy spots and the little, little guys that didn't make it...



happy 2 year birthday, blog!

i remember being really excited and really nervous to write my first blog post exactly 2 years ago today.  i'm more calm here these days, but i still get excited to share little bits and pieces that hopefully (in one way or another) accompany Holiday and many of our inspirations.  i went back and read that first entry and thought i'd share it...

Hello and welcome to the “I Feel Pretty” blog! My name is Jessika, owner of Holiday. I am very excited to have another creative outlet to share “all things pretty” with you. When I say “I feel pretty” what I mean is when I feel my best and most inspired. For example: I feel most pretty when I’ve had a great night’s sleep, stumble upon an exquisite treasure in a junk shop, put on the perfect dress, or am stretched out on a lounge chair for the very first time of the sun season.

I’ve had many experiences while owning my shop over the last 8 years. The most rewarding is when customers tell me, “I love the style of your store”, smile when they walk in or delight over a special purchase. This blog aims to bring you fun and style-centric content like behind the scenes buying trips (where you’ll have a sneak peak at coveted items long before they hit the shelves), killer one-of- a-kind vintage finds and lots of interior design to-die-for moments (my other favorite thing!)

All in all, this blog will be an extension of Holiday- where the pretty, witty, the imperfect, curious and beautiful is highly regarded and crucial ingredients to having a happy and inspired day- just like a holiday.



geez... so formal!  

as always thank you, thank you for stopping by the blog from time to time. as long as there are pretty, witty, imperfect, curious & beautiful things out there- i'll keep at it!



it's friday...

thought some golden balloons by Christopher Duffy fit the mood...

 that are actually a base to a glass table.  so random.  so wonderful.  

hope you all have a randomly wonderful weekend, too!


we love our cheap & cheerfuls

pretty jewels at the shop today!