EASY breezy

 i'm on the hunt for easy, loung-y sweaters for cool summer nights.  

tracy reese has two that i'm dying for...


i will let you know if i can get these two stunners in the shop!


On My Radar!

have you seen these extraordinary BEACH TOWELS?  you know how i LOVE a good cowhide in the home- so this idea from the sexy company Maslin has me totally wanting one for this summer on the sand.  or in my bathroom.  i featured them today on Boston Herald's Stylize.

On My Radar: Maslin & Co. Zebra Hide Towel by Jessika Goranson
Posted by Jessika Goranson at 7:01 am

I normally wouldn’t get excited over a beach towel.  A great bathing suit and a leisurely week to only wear it?  Sure.  But I have to say I am WILD for the stylish, home-decor inspired, resort-item-du-jour versions by Maslin & Co.  I want one.  Bad.

A little background on the company pitching to “purveyors of pleasure and leisure”...

Named after Australia’s first nude beach enclave, Maslin & Co is a new collection of well-crafted resort particulars, dedicated to sun worshippers and bon vivants. Debuting for Resort 2011/12, Maslin & Co was conceived as a tribute to the exotic ideals of seventies hedonism and draws design inspiration from the world of nature, the surreal and ultimately, beach vagabond culture. This collection is a new horizon in lifestyle accessories and covetable beach classics for purveyors of pleasure and leisure.

Declared as Australia’s first official nude beach in 1975, Maslin Beach is an idyllic naturist’s haven set against rolling ochre cliffs and a series of caves. Nature rules supreme at this utopia-like bathing outpost located on the Fleurieu Peninnsula and is home to artists, rogues and sun worshippers alike.

Maslin & Co is available exclusively in the US at Opening Ceremony and Neiman Marcus ($225 at and a host of international destination boutiques including Brown’s, 10 Corso Como and Iseta.



why do i treat ROPE like a precious commodity in the summer?  i see a product with a bit of this braided fiber and i flip.  i'm not a boy scout, i can't sail and i barely know how to tie my shoes-- but there is a whole lotta something about this nautical "suggestion" that makes me want to take out my wallet.  don't even get me started about a particular chandelier on that 7th floor of (can't-afford-anything) Bergdorf's.  i kid you not- it was ROPE (rope is rope- right?) and glass and it was $18,000.  seriously?   i will stick to the hardware variety and these super cute items below...


Holiday instagram (ed)

i finally got around to trying instagram with my ipad.  here are some pics i took in the shop today-- YES!  i was at the store today!   

here goes... don't laugh.















i need to practice


wake up

i spent the long weekend at the beach in Maine with my family.  my head is still there. 


"summer poetry" photos courtesy of Irene Suchocki and Alicia Bock