once upon a time... central park around 6:45 p.m. he asked me a very serious question



i had to sit down and think ;)



and consult someone special



rubes said, "SAY YES!"  

so i did.  

cheers to new beginnings!  


happy friday + the perfect WEEKEND dress


this stylish staple is shipping for saturday!  also coming in navy/white.  best part?  it's $85!

you're welcome ;)


she's crafty


so it's taken me 2 years to finally get around to making my own tassel garland.  i've been obsessed with Confetti System (the ultimate purveyor) forever- but never wanted to shell out the $130 for what i HOPED i could make myself... for like, $10.  guess what?  i did.  and it's happily up in Holiday's window now.  here is an example from Confetti System...

but HERE is a simple tutorial that i used.  and when i say simple... i mean it!  tissue paper + ribbon + scissors = all you need.  i'll give you a break down...

i love how it looks in the shop window- but this would also be fabulous for any festive occasion or even a child's bedroom.  (heck- i want one in my bedroom)!  color options are endless... my next go at it may be all white, gold & silver.

ta da!


encounters with the earth's beauty

a whole lot of this going on... (why am i the last to know?)


i think i have caught the fever... this mixed media piece by London artist, Charlotte Hardy,  below is now at the top of my wish list...

(link within for Charlotte Hardy)


In the Boston Herald today: The New Needlepoint

maybe i'm late to the game, but i've been admiring needlepoint goods lately.  i love how authentic it feels paired with more modern elements in the home.  i also think it's a fabulous and unexpected accessory... like those camo Stubbs down there!  i think i need.  my picks in the Herald today...

About a year ago I noticed traditional needlepoint creeping into the contemporary fashion and decor world.   The resurgence of what most consider to be Granny's past-time took me a while to embrace.  Did I really like it?  It turns out I actually LOVE it and have been collecting odds and ends that feel incredibly stylish and (dare I say) even glamorous.  With so many disposable "insta-trends" being pumped out to the masses (you're a busy place, China), needlepoint seems like the perfect style antitode that remedies all the "too much too fast" in the marketplace (and in our closets & homes).  In fact, I'm contemplating picking up a needle and creating something myself.  Until then (this could take a looooong time) there are several charming items out there that graciously bow down to this time-honored and time-consuming art.  Nana never looked so fresh, fun & NEW!
1.  The combo of camo & needlepoint on these coveted loafers has me swooning.  Stubbs & Wootton
2.  Perhaps the CUTEST little change pouch I've ever seen.  Thank you, Jonathan Adler!
3.  I love this zebra phone case in hot coral.  Learn to make your very own with a kit from
4.  A stitched sailboat wallet is a preppy staple.  Smathers and Branson has a vast collection of needlepoint goods.  
5.  You'll always find your keys if they're attached to this colorful fob!  Stina Stitches on
6.  Trina Turk also makes fabulous things to dress your home.  This pillow has me in stitches!