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"Just like a ghost, you've been a-hauntin' my dreams,
So I'll propose on Halloween.
Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you."

Spooky Style by Jessika Goranson
Posted by Jessika Goranson at 7:01 am

Halloween can be just as fun for adults as it for kids. It’s an excuse to use our childlike imaginations and be silly (or scary). I’m thinking of recreating myself into Wes Anderson’s brilliant character Margot Tenebaum. The ingredients: striped tennis dress, fur coat, loafers, severe side part with barrette, Birkin-esque bag, black eyeliner, candy cigarette and a witch hat, of course. But if a full-on costume isn’t for you, there are still plenty of amusing (and fashionable) ways to honor All Hallows’ Eve. I’ve gathered some boo-tiful pieces that speak to the spooky and the stylish. My plan B party outfit if I ditch the Margot idea? A simple black dress, that Ouija Board cuff (how cool!), and most definitely a pointy black hat.



and so... to bed

i have to admit that i don't always make my bed.  more often than not it looks like this...

messy or not, i most certainly DO love my bed and a good snooze.  i sleep best surrounded by a soothing, soft pretty palette and squishy down pillows (though i can't wait for the day until i can have ((fit)) a king size mattress again)!  here in my NYC apartment i am lucky enough to have a second bedroom- and MAN does it get a ton of use.  we've had guest after guest.  most recently was a good friend who flew over on business from Egypt and this weekend we'll be hosting a fabulous (and way stylish/talented) couple from the UK.  (you should check out what they do HERE.)  i've already been prepping for their arrival and found myself IRONING fresh & clean (but so wrinkled) sheets and pillow cases today.  this all brings me to another fabulous and stylish friend that many of you also admire!  Mr Eddie Ross.  as the new Home Editorial Director for Rue La La, he's the mostest when it comes to tips and tricks for all things decor, entertaining, FOOD, craft AND a really gorgeous bed & bedroom.  i LOVED all his suggestions on Rue's Style Guide and live Twitter chat recently that i asked if i could link it on over to my little blog.  my MOST FAVORITE idea for these cozy months?  "a flannel fitted sheet with a cotton top sheet- then a great wool blanket."  so gonna do this...


Have no fear – if you missed our live Twitter chat with interior design pro Eddie Ross, you can still get the scoop on his bedroom styling secrets. We chatted about what to do for small spaces, how to fake freshly pressed sheets, and the benefits of high thread counts. Now, to create that perfect bedroom…


How important is thread count when you’re picking out sheets?
It’s SO important! It’s where you spend half your life, sleeping in bed. And they just get better the more you wash them.

How do you make a small bedroom space feel bigger?
If you have windows, add more volume to the curtains on either side to make the window feel bigger. For décor, use lots of mirrors and use smaller furniture – it creates air space and a larger-feeling room. I also like painting the ceiling a light, sky blue color to really open up the room.

What’s the best thing to splurge on?
Sheets and pillowcases, definitely. Anything your skin touches. Oh, and great towels, too!

What are some quick and easy ways to spruce up a bare room?
Add a colorful rug, spa bedding, and put a dimmer on your lamp – it creates such a difference! Also, fresh flowers always help.

Any tips on how to keep dressers and nightstands clutter-free? 
Vintage jars, little porcelain boxes, pretty silver trays, little glass dishes. You can make it a pretty (and organized) collection of oddities.

Any insider’s advice on updating your bed for winter? Fur throws? Texture? 
Swap out your comforter for a heavier down one, add flannel sheets, and chunky knit throws and shams. I love a flannel fitted sheet with a cotton top sheet, and then a great wool blanket on top.

Is there any way to keep a comforter from slipping down inside the duvet cover?
Yes! Tie little pieces of ribbon on the inside of the duvet and on the top of the duvet cover, so that the top two corners are tied together. It’s a super easy trick to keep the comforter from slipping – and something your dry cleaner can take care of really easily, too.

What’s the right type of lighting for the bedroom?
Dim lighting. I like to be able to adjust it, whether you’re reading a book or watching TV. Use either wall sconces or bedside table lamps.

For bedrooms no bigger than a walk-in closet: how do you keep things organized without tons of furniture?
Under-the-bed storage. And hanging bookcases (like ladder shelving) is great storage, too. Oh, and decorative boxes you can stack. Trunks work great as both tables and storage.

How do you get crisp, smooth sheets – without breaking out the iron?
Make your bed while the sheets are still wet.

What’s the proper way to wash and clean sheets?
Wash them in warm water and use Laundress products – I love them. Also, always use the delicate cycle!

And Eddie’s parting words of bedding wisdom?
Good bedding should last forever. It’s an investment.


thanks EDDIE and RUE!  sleep over? 


lace cobwebs

such a cute no-carve idea!


spot on

lately i've been dreaming about the simple but so so stylish DOT.  i am especially LOVING it in the home!!!  and i'm especially loving a dalmatian spot.  i'm not sure why, but in an outfit, the dot doesn't always turn me on (but i'll show you some accessories that i find fantastic in the motif at the end).  that being said, give me a good wallpaper or pillow in the print and i'm slain.  i found a fantastic version for Holiday's little sofa seat and some benches we put throughout the shop.  i think it's an absolute neutral and works with all colors and our crazy walls...


if you're not convinced have a gander at these spaces with this humble pattern.  the dot mixes so well with florals and leopard and... well... everything.  it's heaven to me right now...






this light fixture and table base are singing to me.  vintage?


such a chic little nursery.  makes me want to decorate one sans a baby


note the pink piping on those chairs below!!!  



can you say eclectically mixed?  and totally awesome? 



one of my favorite interpretations of the dot is the late Mr. Albert Hadley's Fireworks wallpaper.  i already know where i want to use this in Concord.  (one day)




like i said i'm not crazy for a DOT fashion-ensemble.  maybe it's too retro for me.  however, i love it used sparingly in an accessory and there are a few key items i think look classic, fun and spot on... (just not all at once).



though this is pretty cute, too...


kitty loafer + DIY

i'm in love with Charlotte Olympia's charming and EXPENSIVE ($695 at Neiman Marcus) kitty loafer. 

the gold boxy heel on a traditional black velvet loafer is fantastic.  and those kitty ears?  too cute.  as much as i love them i am going to save my wallet the trauma.


but that doesn't mean i have to go without!  i was impressed to see that the clever blog P.S. I Made This has an adorable, affordable DIY tutorial on the same pair!  (ok.  i most likely will never get around to doing this- but i bow down to anyone who does).



pretty purrfect, eh? ;)