tweet tweet: it's OSCAR night

i'll be live tweeting all things OSCAR tonight for the Boston Herald.  you can follow the along at @jessikaholiday or @BostonHeraldENT!

will anyone look as LOVELY as this?



o just some new moffatt

as i write this post to you about new Lauren Moffatt in the shop- i have my incredibly helpful niece, Charlotte, assisting me with names of dresses and their sequence.  as always i am giddy about the new L.M. spring collection.  here are three new pieces that are sure to be in my closet (and Charlotte's one fine vintage day if she's lucky).   btw?  girlfriend is nine.

the Billie Jean Striped Dress in ORANGE!  you guys scooped the blue & white version up like mad.  here is another rendition.


YES Charlotte.  I'm showing the back side.


2nd up is the awesome Doubles Snapback Dress.  awesome & easy!


Charlotte thinks it's weird.

last- but not least!  the Challenger A-line Dress...  

I love it.  

SHE loves the "bow at the neck".  but if you don't- it's detachable.  


 love, me

and your crazy-awesome-girl guest EDITOR...


Have you heard?!  

we're MOVING winter out!  our ultimate end-of-season SALE (up to 70% off) is happening now!!!


New in!!!

i am loving the happy hues Christian Francis Roth used for his Francis Spring 2013 collection entitled "Palm Sugar".  here are two cheerful color blocked beauties that i'm crazy about and in the shop NOW!


i saw the "Priscilla" dress in the design stages at his studio and fell head over heels.  i have always been a huge fan and wearer of this shape...


but if you want to show off your shape (and you should!) the Robin dress is perfect!  


notes from the weekend...

i spent the long weekend in gorgeous Stowe, VT with friends.  great skiing, food and fun.  i made use of an old school "Alps" sweater and another dorkiness-at-its-finest, monogram turtleneck (i get them from a few people have asked).  and check out my apres ski booties down there... ;)

i'm back in Manhattan now and have the pleasure of entertaining each of my nieces this week in the big city.  up first is Gigi.  she brought the essentials.  Harry... unicorns... naturally.

we'll be engaging in some hard core museum hopping today.  

but first. coffee.

 i'll report back on a more professional note later with all the seriouosly fantastic new items that hit the shop over the last few days!