inexpensive grocery store flowers + some simple arranging + a pretty container = easy as cake & a happy me.  some moments from mi casa...











oh yes. the HUNT.

a good flea market hunt is SO satisfying to me!  and there are a few ingredients that make a day of treasure discoveries even better.  numero uno is an IMAGINATION!  and of course there is the all important "shopping" gear.  i'll elaborate more on the perfect flea-ing get-up come Monday and show you what came home with me.  but in the meantime-  i'll leave you with this darling, tiny dancer that i fell in love with.  

(though just kind of realized her dress is a tad Katy Perry)


tax free SPREE (& secret sale)!

a pretty good weekend to scoop up our most favorite coat of the moment!  

Lauren Moffatt's "Nora"!


and PSSST!  i'm offering BLOG READERS & TWITTER peeps a 20% off "come back" gift card with any full price purchase made today!  just mention the BLOG SALE!

(20% off gift card will be valid August 13, 2012 - August 31, 2012)

and if you're not following yet, get on board!



extra good love

ruby is finally home after a day of hard-core anaesthesia to have a few teeth removed.  i carried her fluffy, floppy, out-of-it body all the way home.  (the past 8 hours were prob way worse for me than for her).  she is recovering in her favorite spot (under the bed) and all i can think about is seeing her big, fat, happy smile again soon.  let's all give our pets some EXTRA good love this weekend!

and how cool is this pic of her i somehow made happen with the mysteries of technology.  i love the leash leading up to her perfect face.  i can't wait to enlarge and frame!

and you KNOW i'm totally going to try and sleep under that bed with her tonight, too.  ;)



eyes on london

a romantic view on the world's of-the-moment city by the always stylish Irene Suchocki