weekend recap via my instagram addiction...

hope you all had a grand loong weekend.  i was suppose to hop in the car and go to Maine- but the forecast was so uninspiring i simply stayed put and kicked around NYC.  an instagram (@jessikaholiday) recap...

...spent lots of time in central park, admired all the shiny, old, brass letter boxes on park ave, brunch with fabulous friend, Katie Armour of Matchbook Mag, (who is on a plane to Hawaii right now- click HERE to see how she stylishly packed for it), said hello to the boys at 21 Club, tried to eat healthy, drooled over entrances in my hood, FINALLY got Gwenny's first cook book (made the chicken milanese with japanese panko and an avocado tomato salad- really gooood), checked out the new Kate Spade on Madison (loved the interior) and hung out with miss ruby in my new red Jack Rogers (that somewhat ((barely)) satiate my desire for a certain RED Chanel flat that i don't want to pay for).  it was all quite pleasant and relaxing...

and now... back to work.  i'm about to order up a gazillion pieces of jewelry for the shop.  you guys wiped us out! :)


LOVE to the red, white & blue...

i am grateful for the freedom to watch... or play


in memoriam, thank you.  


welcoming Julie Brown high summer!

i think you all will love Julie Brown's high summer collection.  i do! have a look at what just came to Holiday!  (btw- these pieces are NOT as short as they look in the samples below).  phew.

the Maggie in pink cape cod

 the Birdie in peach equestrian

the Hudson in gold skipper

the Leah in pink sea star

come and get it!!!


in the Boston Herald today: Pack Your Bags!


ode to the peony

are you guys having a love affair with peonies right now, too?  finally they are back and accessible.  about a week ago they became available again at my local bodega, Wholefoods, etc.  i've got them scattered about my apartment in various vessels.  you know where my priorities are when i hang onto (and tweet!) every word from this very wise fellow Concordian ;)

"Flowers...are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out-values all the utilities of the world".  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

around the corner on Madison.. $10 a bunch!


on my desk.  works wonders...


and speaking of things that make my desk a little brighter-  the pencils by Amanda Catherine Designs i told you about finally came.  how ADORABLE?!


 on my side of the bed


my side is so much better than his side- which generally consists of a pile business cards, tons of change and one intrusive, stinky mountain bike


they don't last long- and remind me to appreciate the moment.  they also have a sense of humor.  plop...


yesterday i had only one big bloom hanging on...


but what a beautiful mess they make...