New In!

how perfect is the Jeni dress by Kirribilla?!  i love the navy & white contrast (super wearable for day or night) and the fact that it has POCKETS! 


so pretty!


when Hamish MET Sarah

Hamish Bowles and SJP at the Met gala last night...

love love love


greetings from the sewing studio + OCEAN BLUES

i'm so happy to start the week off here in Holiday's sewing studio!  there are so many treasures in the works... custom orders, vintage re-works & a new batch of "Pretty Little Sister" pieces.  i am especially loving a particular small grouping of OCEAN-y BLUE spring dresses & tops that will be on the racks soon!  here is a peek...

as always, our Pretty Little Sister private label is gently priced at well under $100.  look for them in the shop this week!


we've got some celebrating to do!

we're taking a holiday from the shop, Sunday May 5th.  so sorry for any inconvenience, but Holiday's best-est (and my sis) ANGE said YES to her long time beau at our family's little beach house in maine last night!!!  

she shared this pic of the romantic remains over take-out Thai food...

we'll be back on MONDAY wearing bells, whistles and one shiny new ring!  



random inspiration

3 images/ideas that have been lingering on my desktop and serving up some random inspiration...

flower crowns.  i have to figure out a way to wear one in public or at least throw a flower crown party.  better yet- a flower crown MAKING party.


flamingo fever.  i actually have a whole flamingo folder (nerd, i know)... but this exotic pink creature has been everywhere as of late.  (why am i praying Lauren Moffatt whips up a flamingo print for resort?) 


good old fashioned celebs.  pop "celebrity" culture really started grossing me out a few years ago.  i am so grateful that i no longer buy US Weekly and have kicked Perez Hilton to the curb for good.  i swear, real life worship is way better (and healthier).  but i DO love to celebrate talent when it's deserved!  like these two darling and beautiful clowns.  Audrey & Fred...