sweet sweet swim

leave it to LAUREN MOFFATT...  the first thing i RAN to the second i opened the shop today was this...

so many new and fabulous pieces at the moment!  stay tuned!


see you soon

yay!  i'm heading NORTH today for a nice long visit...



sunday thanks & poems that have helped me

IN GENERAL- it's hard for me to be away from the shop... and the past week has been overwhelmingly difficult to not be 'home' in Boston.  i am so lucky to have my sister, along with Holiday's team, so graciously and professionally taking care of day to day business.  they have shared with me so many amazing and touching stories from our customers & friends this week.  the store was filled with tears, hugs, loooong talks, mutual support and love.  this weekend people came out in a BIG WAY to celebrate, mourn, laugh, cry and connect.   i don't know much- but i do know how good it feels to be grateful, to be thoughtful and to be QUIET sometimes and not expect to have all the answers.  a poem from one of the sweetest books i own and given to me by a Holiday family member, Scott, (and it's a random, goood story of how it came about- will share one day) always seems to give me comfort.  i now have several copies of this old collection THAT I LOVE and enjoy gifting to others.  here is a "serene" sampling at my desk tonight courtesy of the major Romantic Lord Byron (aka George Gordon) that i take to heart...


heading to Boston tomorrow.  can't wait.


on our list today...


and welcoming you back!!!


Boston: stay strong & stay safe 

as of this moment- we have been instructed to stay home.  our thoughts and prayers are with the brave men & women who are working and risking their lives to keep our city safe and bring about justice.

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