notes from the weekend...

the week in between Christmas & New Year's is usually a blur of activity.  i had to keep reminding myself what day i was encountering.  tonight does not feel like sunday- and though the "weekend" is over in a few hours- i most certainly know tomorrow will not feel like a monday.  so anyway- here is a little recap of the past weekend... er... week.

the new year will have zero resolutions for me.  ok.  that was a lie.  i just ordered a juicer from amazon- and i vow to create "game night" at least once a month with friends.  and floss.  

actually, the one thing i love doing each new year with friends, family (strangers even) is to play a little


there are so many things that happened in 2012 that i never imagined would.  and i generally prefer to 'record only the sunny hours' (as complaining is basically like praying for bad things to happen) so i'm talking about all the goooood stuff that came my way.  these musings on what i am grateful for help me get excited for all the new wonder that will inevitably occur in 2013.

happy new year and cheers to greater awareness of our blessings!




hello blog!

now that i'm back in NYC i feel obliged to end my blog break.  so here are some sparkly NYE goodies i put together for the Boston Herald this week.  (and note those SHOES down there!  i just purchased them in black. LOVE.)


"Sparkle plenty this New Year's Eve"
  I'll be spending the eve of the new year with friends in an idyllic, small Vermont town.  Just because we won't be dashing around a big city doesn't mean I'm expecting a quiet ho-hum evening watching for deer.  (OK - that sounds nice, too).  
I most certainly still want to have a festive (& stylish) night even if my backdrop is forest, mountains and streams. Adding a bit of SPARKLE to your outfit or surroundings (even if you're at home in comfy jeans) keeps this occasion feeling special and fun.  Regardless of where you are when the countdown begins, here are some of my favorite items to help amp up the last night of 2012.  Cheers to a Happy Happy New Year!!!

1/Baccarat tumblers. 2/Jouer "Sparkle & Pop" crackers. 3/Confetti System pinata. 4/Elisa Ilana earrings. 5/Amanda Helmer poster from ETSY. 6/RED Valentino flats. 7/Gryphon NY sweater. 8/Alexander McQueen clutch

wishing you all...



i'll be taking a little blog break- but will return in the new year!



my LONNY feature!

i'm beyond giddy that Lonny magazine will be featuring me and my NYC apartment (and hella yes i talked about HOLIDAY) in their upcoming double issue potentially seen by (a mere) 2 million people!  eeeek!  after weeks of planning and prepping, the shoot finally took place today.  (and you should see what i had to stuff in my tub to get it out of the way- not to mention closets & under beds).  

like i said, i'm giddy and thrilled and grateful for this amazing experience, as i am SUCH a Lonny fan.  i am also so lucky to have had the styling help from my o-so-talented friend, Eddie Ross- especially when it came to creating GORGEOUS flower arrangements.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  we were up early this morning and headed to NYC's flower market which is always DREAMY.

i wish i could show you all the specifics of the shoot, but i have to wait until the issue comes out.  i hope it's something readers will find inspiring.  if you follow me on instagram (@jessikaholiday) you may have seen a few, little moments from the day.  i will leave you with this beautiful image i took this morning.  it's indicative of the cheerful and so so pretty presentation that i HOPE is conveyed in the feature.  

couldn't you just DIVE in?


lastly, Lonny Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Adams, kept referring to my apartment as "soulful" which made me happy.  you'll see- it's not perfect, it's a little quirky, but it's most definitely 'me' & is thoughtfully filled & furnished with bits and pieces that i love.  (and i'm a little ((ok- a TON)) OCD about stuff like this).  it's the same kind of care and attention that is also given to HOLIDAY- and i KNOW that little shop most certainly has a soul. ;)  

now i have to empty that tub.  and find my keys.  and the dog.  (she was camera shy).




on your mark... get set...